Heart warming messages to Omar Khadr

We have been sharing some of the heart warming messages that we receive via email and forward to Omar. Here is one recently received from Irene O’Toole and posted here with her permission. Despite years of lies and misinformation, it is reassuring that so many Canadians can determine the truth.

“To you all I want you to know how grateful I and all those I know are for the many years of selfless hard work you have put in to bringing this final justice for Omar Khadr. I was there, in Toronto, outside the US Embassy probably eleven years ago protesting with others who value justice and yet, inside, we felt a diminishing sense of hope between George W and Stephen Harper.

But today, thanks to your work Omar Khadr has his apology and although it does not turn back the clock on the atrocities he suffered at the hands of the Canadian and US governments, hopefully it will give him some sense of recognition of the wrongs done to him.

To Denis Edney…..please tell him, he is a hero of humanity, a global role model and a wonderful guy, his wife and family also for their support. They are revered by many people in my community and I am sure across Canada and the world.

To Omar Khadr…….please don’t feel you have to answer any more questions, it is public service leaders who need to answer the questions and you are young and can now finally get on with finding your life.

To all you ‘backroom’ workers, thank goodness you had the tenacity to keep this fight for justice going, it feels good to know such great people are out there willing to share their time, skill and courage to fight for what is right,

Best wishes to you all, please forward this to Omar Khadr and Denis Edney for me, thx”




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