3 comments on “Petition

  1. Me Edney, for once I am proud to be canadian. Thank you for your time and devotion to this cause,
    Louise Fournier


  2. if anybody wants to know who mr obama is, read this story.

    what kind of person agrees with the torture of a half dead wounded 15 year old and then his prosecution. it is a degree of conscienceless godlessness moral bankruptcy and mercilessness that words come nowhere near saying.

    that is why torture treason and the most colossal fraud in usa history haven’t been prosecuted but this man was. why Occupy was the most brutally suppressed poloitical opposition in usa history since the Haymarket massacres. why Petraus selling secret documents for sex favors is scott free and Manning sacrificing his life for basic justice is in jail for life.

    incarcerating Omer Khadr is as godless as conscienceless as it gets. it is an attack on the very foundations of civilization.


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