A Petition from Leadnow | ‘I Stand with Omar Khadr’

Dear Omar Supporters,

This spring, we sent you a request to sign our​ parlia​me​ntar​y petition calling​ on the government to fulfill our long overdue ​obligation to Omar Khadr by offering an official apology and appropriate compensation for the wrongs he has suffered.

​Thanks to everyone for your positive response.

As you are likely aware, earlier this month the Canadian government awarded compensation to Omar and issued a formal apology ​- a​ huge victory for all who respect our Charter, the rule of law and human rights.

An unfortunate backlash, primarily orchestrated by Conservative Party members, has been a cause of concern and deep frustration to those who have an appreciation of the facts of the case.

However, organizations such as the Vancouver District Labour Council, the UnitedChurch, Independent Jewish Voices and individuals: Elizabeth May, Senators Kim Pate and Wanda Thomas Bernard have already come forward to express support for the settlement.

Leadnow.ca began to circulate a petition ‘I Stand with Omar Khadr’. If you would sign and help distribute, that would be much appreciated.

Leadnow petition link

If you belong to an organization or group, please ask the membership to express support for Omar’s settlement and let us know the result.

Posted ​here​ is a link to the 2013 Edmonton talk by Sam Morison, the Pentagon lawyer who is currently involved in the appeal of Omar’s Guantanamo “convictions”. Morison’s lecture shows that the evidence in the case points to Omar’s innocence rather than his guilt. A must-see for everyone who would like an in depth understanding of the evidence and events that took place on July 27th 2002-almost 15 years ago.


In solidarity for universal human rights,

The Free Omar Committee

FREE Omar Khadr Now Campaign 
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W       www.FreeOmar.ca
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Some cases enshrine the defining moments of their time. Omar Khadr’s is one. Future generations will rightly judge our shocking dereliction of responsibility in this matter and our collective Canadian failure to extend justice and humanity – Constance Backhouse, Distinguished Professor of Law

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