Talk Sam Morison | Omar Khadr DID NOT commit a War Crime

VIDEO: Sam Morison, Omar’s U.S. Pentagon appointed lawyer (Department of Defence), explains that – within fact and law – Omar Khadr is illegally imprisoned for the five non existing war crimes. Morison leads the appeal against Omar’s Guantanamo military conviction.

video by Doug Brinkman

David J. Climenhaga in his article in “Is the continued imprisonment of Omar Khadr actually a question of principle for the Harper Government, or has it become such an embarrassment that our Conservative leaders in Ottawa have concluded he must be kept under wraps as long as possible for reasons of political expediency?”
He suggests the latter given: “The hatred and hysteria with which the supporters of this government attack the former child soldier, who is now 27 and resides in a federal penitentiary here in Edmonton after pleading guilty to a variety of war crimes charges before a “military commission” run by the U.S. armed forces.”
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Helen Sadowski from the Free Omar Khadr Now committee points out: “There is no doubt that Omar Khadr has been the victim of a gross miscarriage of justice, political interference at the highest levels, shoddy and poor reporting in the telling of his story and anti-Muslim sentiments. I agree with your premise of the role the Harper government is playing. The government sticks to its same speaking points over these years in order to demonize Khadr and to keep its base happy. Even spreading lies has been part of their strategy, accusing Khadr of killing a medic when even the US government never charged him with that. When Khadr had the chance to speak to a journalist, the PMO’s office quickly overruled the warden. The Harper government keeps Khadr silent, without a voice.

I also attended that session at King’s college and I learned that in the US it is illegal and not possible for a US citizen to be tried in a military court and so no American citizen would undergo the Guantanamo military tribunal process. The military tribunal process is an inferior process of justice and so a US citizen’s rights would be violated. The Harper government didn’t care about the citizenship rights of Omar Khadr and so offered him “on a platter” to a process that has been referred to as a “kangaroo court”. Many of us who work to support Omar’s release believe that if it can happen to Omar, it can happen to any Canadian citizen. Despite the ruling by the Supreme Court which stated that Omar’s rights had been violated and he should be brought home, the Harper government ignored its responsibility to uphold citizenship rights.

And finally, we owe an incredible debt to Dennis Edney, his pro bono lawyer who has been there for Omar these past 10 years and keeps working for justice for Omar and by extension, all Canadians.”

Omar Khadr appeals two court decisions

Appeal in the U.S. – Against the conviction in Guantanamo Military Court

Today, November 8, Omar and his lawyers filed an appeal in Washington, to fight his illegal conviction in a Military Court in Guantanamo, for the war crimes that didn’t exist under international law, when he was captured by the U.S. as a 15-year-old in Afghanistan in 2002. Therefor the military commission had no legal authority to try him or accept his guilty pleas. He pleaded guilty to the war crimes to get out of the Guantanamo Bay detention centre where he was held for 10 years.

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Appeal in Canada – Against judge Rooke’s decision; that thwarts transfer from maximum-security federal prison to a provincial jail

On the 6th of November Omar and his lawyer filed an appeal against the Court of Queen’s Bench decision that denied his request to be transferred to a provincial jail. There he can finally receive appropriate rehabilitation. Dennis Edney states: “I am essentially arguing that the judge got it wrong in both fact and law”.
Omar’s detention in the Edmonton maximum-security institution is illegal because he was a child when captured by the U.S.. 

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