Heart warming messages to Omar Khadr

We are sharing some of the heart warming messages that we receive via email and forward to Omar. Here is one recently received from Robert Bradley and posted here with his permission.

Despite years of lies and misinformation, it is reassuring that so many Canadians can determine the truth.

“Please relay my message to Omar.

Have been following the goings on on television and in the media. As a proud Canadian, I’d like Omar to know I support him 100%. I would not think twice about hiring him if I was in the position to do so.

Tell him not to get down…hang in there and I am sure after all this present media attention passes, things will be improve for hIm.”



2 comments on “Heart warming messages to Omar Khadr

  1. I am a US-ian and very sorry that my country is cruel to the people around the world. Please try to take joy is small things and know there are millions of people suffering at the hands of US including those almost 800 other hostages held in Guantanamo, including one man who was put in a cell after going there on his own free will to act as a minister. I think he was a Us-Ian.

    Also sorry about the other 22 hostages under 18 yrs. old, including the 17 year old beat and suffocated in Camp No who died with a lying official trying to say it was suicide & who can forget the 12 yr. old kept there & then sent back to Africa with little to no support after they decided he probably really didn’t do anything wrong. Then there are those that are dying due to the WMD of the US, as Democracy Now reported the civilian death tolls in Syria, Iraq-Mosul, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, and yes Palistine are increasing under Pres. Trump & they were not low under Obama or Bush.

    I hope you don’t let the corrupt take all your hope and joy, but you hold on to it. I have reported to my family and progressives or Green Party friends the 15 British men who have been released with millions of dollars of retribution from their more just country through the years. I say more just because certainly the U.S is not paying retribution nor admitting their crimes. I campaigned first for the British hostages so a few US-ians would realize the people being kidnapped and held in the torture Concentration Camps of Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Black Sites, ect. were not from some strange planet-country, but rather from around the world, including from the UK.

    It is sad that just the right look and story has to be presented in order to gain any mercy from the US officials, never mind the fantasy of rights. The Us-Ian John Laughn (his last name is not spelled correctly here, but it is pronounced Lyn) never really got his story in the public except for Democracy Now, much less a fair trial. But I do hope he does. I hope for the other Guantanamo hostages, for the framed Leonard Peltier, Mumia, and Juslian Assange.

    I reminded my children of your plight, Omar. They are close to your age. I reminded them of the US media calling it Shock and Awe, like it was some kind of 4th of July celebration instead of the terror of the US invading Iraq and then not being shocked at the mass exodus of the population after 1,000s upon 1,000s died and were hurt or poisoned with water and land contamination and overnight the country went from a very high economic standard to nearly a 3rd world country & then the US media called this the new freedom

    But Omar don’t let them win. You go on with your life and let those most joyous experiences fill your mind and heart. Those things like:
    the sound of birds, the smell of rain, the cool rush of water on your hands and face from a lake or a faucet, and the remembrance of smiles from loved ones, pleasantly told or read stories that captivated your imagination and took you to a stress free environment.


  2. Thank you so much Susan for your support and for taking the time to write these beautiful and heartfelt words to Omar. Would you mind if we posted it also on our Facebook page?


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