Oh Happy Day! Canada Offers Omar Khadr Apology and Compensation.

Please join us in extending our deepest respect to Omar for the dignity and strength he has maintained throughout the years of this horrendous ordeal!

We wish to acknowledge the perseverance, diligence and dedication of his lawyers, Dennis Edney, Nate Whitling and Phillips Gill; the love and warmth of the Edney family; the people of Edmonton who opened their hearts to Omar and to everyone who supported Omar all along the way.


The Free Omar & Pour Omar campaign

ANALYSIS | Why will Omar Khadr receive $10.5M? Because his rights were violated

Star article: Khadr to get apology, compensation over $10M as lawsuit settled

Factsheet and background to the Omar Khadr case

Article about background settlement: Mr. Trudeau: It’s Not Just About Omar Khadr

G&M opinion, Audrey Macklin: Ottawa failed Omar Khadr: That’s why he deserves compensation

5 comments on “Oh Happy Day! Canada Offers Omar Khadr Apology and Compensation.

  1. I am ecstatic! Finally justice. Omar will remain his quiet lovely self but will hopefully have more peace and comfort. Great news and congratulations to all who made it happen.


    oh Happy Day!
    What joy!
    Thank you to Dennis Edney and his wife for believing in Omar….for the love he showed to this very very special person!
    You are all blessed!
    Sandra Shatilla


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  4. Très heureuse qu’enfin le gouvernement fédéral mette fin à cette malheureuse situation dans laquelle Omar Khadr a été tenu durant toutes ces années.


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