Roger Waters endorses our Petition! – ‘Canada’s Obligation to Omar Khadr’

Roger Waters endorses our petition!

Roger Waters, is not only former lead singer, bassist and ​songwriter for the iconic English rock bank Pink Floyd, he ​is also a ​active​ supporter of Palestinian ​human rights and ​outspoken critic of Guantanamo U.S. military prison.

As co-founder​ of the London-based Close Guantanamo Campaign Roger is aware of the monumental abuse the U.S. military has inflicted on former detainees, our obligation to redress the violation of their rights, and the need to free those who are still languishing in Guantanamo prison.

Although our petition is only open to Canadians, Roger joins our call on the Canadian government to fulfill our moral and legal obligation to Omar.

Roger’s latest tour Us + Them begins May 27th. Check the schedule​ ​for concerts in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton​, final performance in Vancouver-and cities all over the U.S..

Come out and thank him for his dedication and commitment to justice-and great music!

Join our action! Please sign and help distribute our petition.

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Thank you!

The Free Omar Khadr Now Committee

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