A reminder message – Omar Khadr needs your signature!

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Dear Supporters of Justice for Omar,

We are counting on you! Please sign and share our petition. Help us reach our goal of 10,000 signatures by reaching out to as many Canadians as possible.

Noam Chomsky endorses our petition, as does Stephen Lewis, Monia Mazigh, Maher Arar, Michel Tremblay, Nancy Huston, Monique Proulx and other prominent Canadians.​

We have an obligation to seek an apology for the ​monstrous injustice Omar has endured.

Noam Chomsky: “The imprisonment and shocking treatment of Omar Khadr has been a scandal from the first moment, running right through the disgraceful trial and his subsequent detention.  The crime should be ended at once, with sincere apology and compensation. I hope someone is compiling a full record of this story, not only out of respect for Omar, but also to reveal the utter savagery of our culture, both the monstrous acts of the USG and the craven cowardice of Canada – and the fact that so few cared.”

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The petition is open to Canadian citizens. Only the Parliamentary Clerk of Petitions will have access to your information which will not be made public.

​​Please see www.freeomar.ca for updated statements of endorsement.

For more information on the Omar Khadr case, see the following links.

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One comment on “A reminder message – Omar Khadr needs your signature!

  1. I am not Canadian and will not sign, but I certainly as a member of the US which terrorized more than 700 people, over 20 being under 17 years old, and at least one tortured to death or murdered. The US empire knows we owe you for the injustice committed against you of holding you hostage for a decade without ever giving you a fair trial and since when is it legal to kidnap children from other countries anyway. – Susan Hall


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