Monia Mazigh endorses our Petition – Canada’s Obligation to Omar Khadr

A sincere thank you to Monia Mazigh for her endorsement of our petition.

In her article in the Huffington Post, she reminds us why it is so important for Canada to fulfill our obligation to Omar.

“Omar Khadr was stripped of his rights as a child, as a teenager and later as an adult. Today, he is trying hard to put his life back on track and get the education that was denied to him all these past years. As long as Omar Khadr file is still lingering, Canada won’t be able to hide its dark face and celebrate its record on the world scene. It is time for the Canadian government to act swiftly and let the sun shine on Omar Khadr’s life”.

Please read the article “Omar Khadr’s Case A Black Stamp On Canada’s Human Rights Record“, then sign and share the petition below. We are counting on your signature!

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Monia Mazigh is a Canadian writer and an important  human rights activist. She is known for her efforts to free her husband Maher Arar from a Syrian prison. In June 2015 she was appointed National Coordinator of the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group. She is co-author of  “LRWC and ICLMG Response to the UN”, on Canada’s response to the UN Committee against Torture in the case of Omar Khadr.


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