In Loving Memory of Afroze Ali

The Free Omar committee is grieved to share the news of the passing of our dear friend, Afroze Ali, who left us on Sunday, April 10, in Toronto.

It is a great loss to her family and all who knew and loved her and a difficult time for those of us who worked so closely with Afroze in pursuit of justice for Omar.

With her strong spirit, and passion for righteousness, rectitude and truth, she worked tirelessly for the Free Omar campaign, never wavering in her dedication, even as her health deteriorated. She contributed essentially to its progress over the years.

Her loss is felt in waves across the globe and her friends are in deep mourning for her family’s beloved member. Free Omar would like to personally offer condolences to her parents and two sons, whom she spoke of with great love always.

Rest in peace dearest Afroze.


Your Free Omar friends



2 comments on “In Loving Memory of Afroze Ali

  1. A very befitting tribute indeed. I never met her but did get to know enough of her through the Free-Omar campaign that she, despite fighting her illness, pursued with great passion and dedication. My prayers for her soul, and for her parents and sons who have suffered this great loss.


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