Important request for action by members of Free Omar Khadr Now  

The election of the new Liberal government should be good news for human rights and the rule of law in Canada. It should also be good news for Omar Khadr, but there will be many priorities competing for the attention of Justin Trudeau and his Liberal colleagues as they map out their strategy to implement their election platform.

It is up to us, as friends and supporters of Omar Khadr, to make sure that righting the wrongs done to Omar is attended to promptly. This would be an important sign of Real Change for many Canadians. As Dennis Edney points out in this interview, no better place to start than by withdrawing the federal government’s appeal of Omar Khadr’s bail. While this initiative was undertaken by the Harper government, it will be up to Team Trudeau to withdraw the appeal.
Now would be a great time to write a letter to Justin Trudeau congratulating him on his electoral success and inviting him to withdraw the appeal of Omar’s bail as one of his first acts as Prime Minister. Copy your local MP and, if that MP happens not to be Liberal, copy your nearest Liberal MP so that they know Canadians are ready for a fresh new approach to human rights.

Once you have written your letter, get 3 friends to do so and have them do the same. If the Prime Minister Designate receives 1000+ letters in the next 10 days, I think we will see action on this before the year is out.

Thank you for caring and thank you for acting!



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