The Free Omar Khadr Now legal fund campaign

At long last we are celebrating Omar’s release on bail, after 13 years of unlawful imprisonment! However, there are still legal battles ahead. The Free Omar Khadr Now campaign will continue its fight until Omar is completely free to come and go where he wants, and until he is acquitted of all the baseless charges applied by the illegitimate Guantánamo commission. The violation of Omar’s rights must be properly remedied.

We will continue to support Omar’s pro bono lawyers with their mounting costs. (Read below the upcoming court challenges).

2015 Free Omar Khadr Now logo

Upcoming court challenges are:

  • September 2015 – Federal government’s appeal of Judge Ross’ decision to grant bail to Omar;
  • Appeal to the Court of Military Commission Review in the U.S. to vacate all Omar’s Guantanamo Bay ‘convictions’;
  • Civil lawsuit against the Canadian government for complicity in his arbitrary detention and cruel and inhumane treatment at the hands of the United States.

We continue to need your help and ask you to support the Free Omar Khadr 2015 Fundraising campaign which has a goal of $80,000. This money goes directly to Omar’s defence with no administration fees.

Your contribution makes his defence possible and brings Omar’s case closer to justice.


2015-free-omar-fund_60KTO CONTRIBUTE TO THE FREE OMAR KHADR NOW 2015 FUND, you have the following options

  • 2) By Cheque, you can send to: Free Omar Khadr Now Committee; P.O. Box 57112 RPO; East Hastings Street, Vancouver; V5K 1Z0 B.C.; Canada. (Please enclose your email address)
  • 3) By Bank Deposit/Interac e-transfer: Free Omar Khadr Now Committee; VanCity Credit Union, Branch 13; Account number: 531590;


Thank you..

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