FREE OMAR KHADR NOW Statement on Judge Ross’ Decision to Grant Bail to Omar Khadr

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Today the Free Omar Khadr Now Campaign, which advocates for the legal and human rights of Omar Khadr, welcomes the decision by Judge Ross to grant Omar bail. After thirteen years in prison, Omar has hope of freedom, so long overdue. 

Omar is excited to begin a normal life, continue with his studies, explore his new home town of Edmonton and spend time with friends. Those who have come to know him personally recognize his intelligence, kindness and optimism for the future.

Judge Ross, in her decision, affirmed Omar Khadr’s right to bail while he waits for an appeal in the U.S. before the Court of Military Commission Review. She noted that unchallenged expert advice indicated his appeal has a “strong probability of success.”

The Judge Ross decision is another victory in a long process of legal challenges for Omar. The Canadian courts have consistently ruled in his favour, affirming his rights and condemning the denial of fundamental freedoms and protections suffered throughout a thirteen-year ordeal. Referring to the sham process of the Military Commissions, Nate Whitling, Omar’s lawyer, has said that “Omar is fortunate to be back in Canada where we have real courts and real laws.” 

Although Omar’s bail application was successful, the government has announced it will appeal the decision, as it has all other court rulings in Omar’s favour. These appeals, which have been consistently unsuccessful, have resulted in a further delay of justice and huge costs for the Canadian taxpayer. 

Our group continues to hear from people across Canada and internationally who send messages of support for Omar and donations to help with his lawyers’ legal expenses.

We celebrate that Omar is at long last receiving the standard of justice and human rights that are enshrined in Canadian law. 

For those who wish to learn more about Omar Khadr and his long journey to freedom, please visit us at

Contact us at :


Some cases enshrine the defining moments of their time. Omar Khadr’s is one. Future generations will rightly judge our shocking dereliction of responsibility in this matter [and] our collective Canadian failure to extend justice and humanity.” – Constance Backhouse, Distinguished University Professor of Law, University of Ottawa. 


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