Omar Khadr Being Denied Medical Treatment, Doctor Says

Omar Khadr is still suffering from the wounds he got when the U.S. military shot him twice in the back, at age 15.

Omar’s treatment in a Canadian prison is more harsh than at Guantanamo Bay, says a former U.S. military psychiatrist who spent more than hundred hours with Omar.

[Listen here >] Dr. Stephen Xenakis, in his radio interview with White Coat, Black Art host Dr. Brian Goldman, says that Omar, now 27, needs orthopedic surgery for previous injuries, and he’s not getting it.

“I’m very dismayed … The physicians are obligated, as we’re always obligated, to provide the best care that we can,  and this man needs that treatment.”

Omar is  being held at a maximum security prison in Edmonton, it is a prison for hardened criminals, Xenakis said, where there have been at least five murders in the past five years. “That kind of thing did not happen in Guantanamo.” At the U.S. prison in Guantanamo, Omar was kept in a cell with five or six others and had the support of a community. Now, he is considered a maximum security risk.

“Incorrectly, he’s being treated as a criminal,” Xenakis said.

“Now fortunately, because Omar is a very, very decent individual, there are guards who look out for him, and he’s able to relate to the other prisoners in a way that he’s not in as much danger.”

3 comments on “Omar Khadr Being Denied Medical Treatment, Doctor Says

  1. The comment that he is ” a very decent person” says it all! We must insist that he get the medical attention he needs and deserves. Letters sent to CSC officials and MP’s are critical. Please write on his behalf.


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