Let’s Talk About Omar Khadr | Edmonton July 8 and 9

On the night of July 8, 2013 folks gathered inside the University of Alberta to share thoughts and ideas as to how we can help make the transition easy for fellow Canadian Omar Khadr, who is illegally detained since the age of 15.

Dennis Edney, Omar’s lawyer, during this evening: “I have spoken about Omar Khadr from one end of the country to the other, over the years. And I’m speaking to you tonight. Probably I can’t say anything more powerful then what you just saw in Tenence McKenna’s documentary [‘The US vs. Omar Khadr’]. I hope this will resonate with you and you truly do want to do something. You truly do want to contact your government. Truly you make the life of your local politicians miserable. Actually I’m most serious about this. Because I’m tired talking and I’m tired asking the Canadian public to do more then just watch.”

The next day July 9th in Churchill Square during the Street Performer’s Festival folks also talked about their newest citizen to Edmonton Omar Khadr. “Edmonton Speakers Corner” asks “What can Omar Khadr and the citizens of Edmonton do to assure a safe, smooth integration back into society for Omar as an Edmontonian citizen?”.

made by Doug Brinkman

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