TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE FREE OMAR 2017 FUND, you have the following options:

  • 2) By Cheque, you can send to: Free Omar Campaign; P.O. Box 57112 RPO; East Hastings Street, Vancouver; V5K 1Z0 B.C.; Canada. (Please enclose your email address)
  • 3) By Bank Deposit/Interac e-transfer: Free Omar Campaign; VanCity Credit Union, Branch 13; Account number: 531590;

On May 7, 2015, after a 13 year imprisonment, Omar Khadr was finally freed on bail. His ordeal is far from over.

There are still legal battles ahead. The Free Omar campaign will continue its fight until Omar is completely free to come and go where he wants, and until he is acquitted of all illegitimate charges applied by the widely condemned, extrajudicial Guantanamo military ‘court’. The violation of Omar’s rights must be properly remedied.

We will continue to support Omar’s pro bono lawyers with their mounting costs.

Upcoming 2017 court challenges are:

  • Civil lawsuit against the Canadian government for complicity in his arbitrary detention and cruel and inhumane treatment at the hands of the United States;
  • Appeal to the Court of Military Commission Review in the U.S. to vacate all Omar’s Guantanamo Bay ‘convictions’.

We continue to need your help and ask you to support the Free Omar 2017 Fundraising campaign. The money goes directly to Omar’s defence with no administration fees.

Your contribution makes his defence possible and brings Omar’s case closer to justice.


Thank you!

Free Omar Campaign.


3 comments on “DONATE

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  2. I watched the CBC documentary last night and was moved by both Mr Edney’s tireless efforts and by Mr Khadr’s dignity. Mr Edney, may you long be remembered for your contribution to justice. You allow me to continue to feel pride as a Canadian where Mr Stephen brought shame. Are you still accepting donations? We have to continue to pull together to make sure Omar remains a free man – he suffered enough. As for yourself, we owe you a large debt of gratitude, but that won’t pay the bills, will it?


  3. Je suis une avocate retraitée et M. Edney représente pour moi ce que devrait être un avocat: quelqu’un qui se bat contre l’injustice, envers et contre tous. La conduite de M. Stephen Harper, qui s’est acharné à l’encontre de tous les traités internationaux (et à l’encontre de la Charte canadienne il va sans dire) sur un enfant de 15 ans, victime de la guerre, m’apparaît immonde. Elle n’est pas sans rappeler la conduite de feu Maurice Duplessis à l’égard du restaurateur Roncarelli dans les années 50, conduite sanctionnée par la Cour Suprême du Canada.


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