Campaign | Write and Ask your MP to Take a Stand on Omar Khadr

Dear friends,

Recently every Canadian MP and Senator received this letter [ > Omar Khadr and the Rule of Law ] from the Free Omar Khadr Now Campaign.

As a follow-up, the group is urging all Canadians who value justice and the rule of law to take action. Please voice your concern for the ongoing violation of Omar’s legal and human rights and ask your MPs to Take a Stand:

  • Write/email to your MP [ > Sample Letter].
  • Write to at least 5 other MPs in your wider area. The more, the better.
  • Please bcc emails to to enable us to see which MPs have been contacted.

See for MP’s email, phone and mailing info. No postage is required for letters to MPs.

Your voice counts!

And if you can do more:

Thank you!


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